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Brewing Log


July 23, 2016

Bavarian Hefe (all grain)

5 Gallons

4 lbs Canadian Two Row                                          

4lbs  Canadian Wheat Malt

lb  Carafoam

1 oz  Hallertau Hops

1 package WB-6 yeast

 Whirlfoc tablet



23/07/16 Brew Day

         Calculated strike water temperature to be 165 F using the calculation tool at http://brewblogger.zkdigital.com/index.php?page=tools&section=strike

         Used a ratio of about 1.25 qt of water per pound of grain to determine amount of strike water (2 gallons of water)

         Strike water temperature proved too cool causing a need to heat 4 cups of mash water in order to achieve desired mash temperature of 150 F.

         Covered mash for 60 minutes

         Mash out added near boiling water to mash until a temperature of 170 was achieved covered and left for 10 minutes

         Vorlauf drained liquid into a cup and returned to mash tun continued this process until liquid ran clear

         After draining mash, added about 4 gallons of sparge water at 170 F

         Vorlaufed, then drew liquid until 5 - 6 gallons of wort was gathered

         In future brews using batch sparge method, a greater delay should be used before vorlauf perhaps 10 minutes

         Brought wort to a boil and added bittering hops

         After boiling 45 minutes, added Whirlfoc tablet

         Continued boil for 15 minutes

         Cooled wort to 65 F, oxygenated wort and drained to primary fermenter

         Measured specific gravity: 1.035 (liquid 70F)

         Further oxygenated wort (shook) and pitched yeast


6/8/16  Racking

         moved beer from primary fermenter to glass carboy and placed in fridge set at 40 F

         measured specific gravity: 1.005 (liquid 50F)


17/8/16  Kegging

         moved beer to Corny Keg, placed in kegerator with input pressure set at 30 lbs


23/8/16  Finish

         Crystal clear, mild crisp taste with a fruity finish, SRM:4

         Concern about alcohol content relieved upon drinking (feels at least 5%)

13/10/16 Second Attempt at Bavarian Hefe